The Little Cabin Company was established in 2016 in Fernie, BC with the objective of producing unique little cabins that exude quality and craftsmanship.

The Little Cabin Company has evolved as a partnership out of LWE who have been building energy efficient custom homes to the highest specifications for over 15 years.  This expertise is now being applied to create these amazing little cabins.

Our cabins are small but perfectly formed. We have applied all of our collective experience in building custom homes in the mountains to the design of our cabins.  You will be pleased to find the same exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship as in a high end custom home.

The designs have been thoroughly tested to ensure they stand up to all the weather we experience in the mountains of Western Canada, be it sub-zero temperatures of -30 for weeks on end, rain, hail, snow or searing hot summer heat.

About Tiny Houses & Little Cabins by The Little Cabin Company

Our construction staff are highly experienced professional journeyman carpenters. We pay attention to every detail and you can see this in the choice of materials, quality of construction and impeccable finish of our little cabins.


Blending the best of design, materials and construction ingenuity to create multi-use tiny cabins that exceed the expectations of our customers.

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We are committed to translating the best designs into finished cabins that provide our customers with the very best flexible space to use for many years to come.

Quality, durability and functionality are at the core of everything we do. That is why our cabins are built to exceed the requirement of both the BC and National Building Code of Canada. It makes them safe, energy efficient, warm, and flexible enough to use for whatever use captures your imagination.

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