This week is Canadian RVing and Camping week.

It’s Canadian RVing and Camping Week!

Over at The Little Cabin Company we love camping, but we also identify with making life easy.

We’ve all forgotten something essential or not quite been prepared for a camping trip in the past now haven’t we?

Mishaps could range from forgetting essential equipment like a sleeping bag or thermarest, letting your toilet paper get wet, misplacing the lighter to ignite a bbq or campfire, through to not quite predicting the weather before you leave…

Most people love camping through. Sometimes it’s character building and even though it can be tough if the weather doesn’t co-operate, you emerge on the other side with good stories to share around the next campfire.

Anyway, you can make the whole camping thing a lot easier if you are well prepared.

We scoured 😉 the internet to find the best camping tips for you. It took us a really long time. We then added in some of our own Little Cabin Company camping hacks.

Once we had reviewed everything, it turned out that they were already all in this article…

So, read a load of camping hacks

Remember though, many of these things would be unnecessary if you were staying in a little cabin from The Little Cabin Company. Glamping means that your list of things to bring is much smaller and you can forget the tent, the thermarest and your sleeping bag without it being an issue. Oh… and our cabins do not leak if it rains!

Have fun out there people, wherever and however you camp during Canadian Camping Week!