We are keen to talk to anyone who would like to customize their Cobby.  We work within the standard shape but feel free to throw ideas at us regarding increasing size, putting a couple together, adding walkways between them, setting one up as a wash and shower room.  Use your imagination and let us know what you are thinking.

The innovative construction method means that we can easily increase the size of your Cobby to suit your exact requirements.  We can simply add on additional space to the back of the unit making it longer.  How long is up to you.  Just let us know what you are thinking.

The Cobby does not come plumbed with a bathroom as standard.  However, we are able to offer this as an additional option.  We are currently working on the specifics of this so please contact us for more information should this be something you are interested in at this time.

Yes we do.  The Little Cabin Company partners with East Kootenay Community Credit Union to provide finance packages for people wanting to buy a Cobby.  Please contact us via the contact page to find out more.

When you have made your decision regarding ordering The Cobby we require a downpayment of 50%.  The remaining 50% is required prior to despatch to your location.

Depending on the current volume of orders we are usually able to provide a lead time of approximately 6 weeks.

We can deliver in most places in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest but please contact us with specific requirement so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation for delivery.

All of our cabins are built to exceed National Building Code. They have two methods of egress and are fitted with a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector as standard.

The maximum external footprint is 12ft x 11 ft 3 and the cabin can sit on a set of four simple piles that can be easily installed (we recommend Pylex screws for soft ground) or gravel base with concrete patio stones where ground is rocky. You can view a floor plan on this page and feel free to contact us with any other installation questions.

Yes, we insulate our tiny cabins to very high standards, they are also very airtight and so are very easy to heat and stay warm and cosy.  In the summer the insulation helps to keep them cool.

R values:

Roof R45

Floor R35

Wall R30

No, our tiny cabins are built so that the floorspace is under 104 sq ft which means you do not need a building permit.  However, the specifics of your individual usage may require building permit and zoning approval in your local area.  Please contact your local municipal authority for details.