So we all know that summer is wedding season, although we don’t have a glamping wedding story yet we thought a Bachelorette at a stunning UK Glamping location would be the perfect third Interview in our series.

Wild women glampingCan you introduce yourself and tell us where you grew up, and who your family consists of now? 
I grew up in Richmond, North Yorkshire, England. Richmond is known as the gateway to the Dales, a beautiful and often wild part of England. I now live in Bradford, West Yorkshire with my Husband Jag and our two boys Finn and Zak.

What is your earliest memory of camping?  
I don’t have one particular camping memory, but lots that all intermingle. When I was growing up my family, mum, dad, older brother and younger sister used to belong to an outdoor club called The Swaledale outdoor club or SOC as we referred to. A number of family friends where part of SOC and I have many happy memories of camping in the Lake District.

Would you describe yourself as a good camper and why/why not?
I used to be a good camper, always up for an adventure. However these days I prefer my creature comforts! So Glamping is perfect for me.

Who is the best at pitching the tent (you or your partner), or is it a team effort?
I have never been proper camping with Jag, but I’m pretty sure he would be better at it.

glamping on the beachWhat does your cooler consist of for a long weekend camping trip, cover what will be eaten at all three meals?
Lots of yummy food, no expense spared. Bacon or sausage sandwiches for breakfast, Yorkshire tea (of course) fresh coffee.
French bread sandwiches for lunch with strong cheddar cheese and salad. Tasty crisps and a chocolate bar for pudding.
BBQ for dinner, pre made chicken sewers with peppers/ onion and mushrooms, Corn on the cob and jacket potatoes cooked in the fire.
And not forgetting the prosecco and wine!!

Have you ever been Glamping if so where?
I went glamping for my hen-do (ed. stagette/bachelorette) last year to the north Norfolk coast. It was perfect, the cabin had a cosy comfortable beds, a hot shower and a wonder range for cooking and to keep us warm in the chilly evenings. The setting was fabulous, peaceful and beautiful, just a short walk to the beaches. It had the perfect blend of being close enough to nature and away from the hub-bub of say a hotel but with all the comforts of home too.

What do you love most about camping?
Doing something different with friends or family, getting away from the grind of everyday life.

What is your favourite all time camping location and why?
A place I always remember fondly in the Lake District, I always knew it as Grange. It was a beautifully secluded spot next to a clear but cold river and at the foot of a mountain. There was great places to explore as a child and we always did my favourite walk direct from the campsite. I remember doing yoga in the mornings with my mum and sister.

What is your secret way to deter the bugs?
Go to bed early!

Tell me about a few joint family glamping trips you have been on and why specially you think Glamping works better than camping for this type of get together?
Glamping for my hen do (ed. stagette/bachelorette) catered for everyone, some dislike being too close nature and sleeping on the floor, but we didn’t want a city experience either. The Glamping was perfect. Many Glamping location have excellent facilities meaning you don’t have to take masses of luggage too or bedding and pots and pans as you would with a regular camping trip. I would recommend a Glamping stay for any Stag or Hen (bachelorette parties).

I haven’t done it ,but I imagine glamping with a young child or baby would be way easier than camping.