Glamping interview is with Rebecca

Our fourth glamping interview is with Rebecca, an ex-pat Brit who moved to Canada to follow her heart and start a family.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us where you grew up, and who your family consists of now?
I’m Rebecca, I grew up in Norfolk in England with 2 younger sisters. I live in Fernie now with my husband and 2 and half year old daughter.

What is your earliest memory of camping?
We used to go and stay with my Grandma in Oxfordshire, but during the course of the stay we’d camp out in a little woods (back when you didn’t get arrested for “illegal” camping) with my parents. I guess I was about 8 at the time. And my youngest sister was newborn. I always thought it was cool that my parents took a newborn camping. There are times before this that I can’t remember but when my parents moved from Ireland to England we were essentially homeless so we camped out for 2 weeks until we were able to move into our house, I’m not sure of the exact details but I think it was a pretty crazy time for my parents living out of an old Ford Cortina with two toddlers.

Would you describe yourself as a good camper and why/why not?
Yes I’m a good camper, I love getting back to basics, I love waking up to that fresh dewy morning atmosphere and shivering round a campfire waiting for the kettle to boil, for a nice warming cup of tea. The only problem I have with camping is not being able to sleep well, especially in a campsite with lots of snore-ers or early bird calls.

Who is the best at pitching the tent, or is it a team effort?
I am definitely the best even though Kyle thinks he is. I usually just leave him to it though because he likes to think he’s more experienced than me.

What does your cooler consist of for a long weekend camping trip, cover what will be eaten at all three meals? 
Nothing beats a campfire cooked breakfast; several cups of smokey tea, and some bacon and eggs. Back home when I used to camp on MTB trips to Wales I would heat potato waffles in a frying pan and eat them with beans.  It was kind of gross but thats what I like about camping, eating half cooked, half burnt smokey food. Lunch would usually be whatever we could find when were were out and about. I always pack some fruit and sometimes even pre-make a pasta salad at home to eat whilst we were away. For dinner, we’d cook all kind of things; a jar of curry poured over some pan fried chicken is quick and easy. I love eating crappy food out of cans when I’m camping, it reminds me of when I was a kid camping with my parents and a tin of beans or better still ravioli would be a treat for us!

You bought a pop up tent trailer recently, why are you moving away from Tent camping? 
We needed to get a bigger tent due to having a toddler now. The tent trailer was Kyle’s idea, I like the idea of a more comfy bed, yet still being under canvas. We still cook and eat outside, that’s the best part of camping, the outdoor eating.
Glamping is totally on my radar

Have you ever been Glamping if so where?
Yes I have, last summer I went to a friends hen do at Lake Koocanusa. It was proper glammed up. We still slept in normal tents but there were fairy lights leading to the toilets, a full length mirror to check out how we looked,  a little hand basin on a table by the dug out. We had a picnic bench all decked out with a table cloth and silver service cutlery and an amazing three course meal. We then drank cocktails on a canopy covered rug decorated with large throw cushions. We each had a lawn chair with a blanket to keep us warm so we could watch the sun go down over the lake. It was a really beautiful day.

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What do you love most about camping?.
Being outdoors and sitting outside with a warm cup of tea in the cool morning air. I also kind of like waking up in a stifling tent on a hot summers days and desperately trying to open the tent and let some fresh air in. Especially important if we are suffering from camping induced digestion issues!!

What is your favourite all time camping location and why?
Hmm, hard to say having not camped that much since I’ve  been in Canada. There was a cool site out on Vancouver Island that we camped at last summer. But I think my favourite all time location was the grounds of a country house where we used to camp as kids at summer camp. Me and my sisters went there every year for about 8 years, it was right by the beach, there was a lake, and deer would stick their heads into our open tent doors at night and nibble at our left over midnight feasts. I remember one time a kid got sick and a deer ate his vomit covered pyjamas. Ah those were the days.

What is your secret way to deter the bugs?
I’m never successful at deterring bugs. I always forget the mozzy repellent, which is very frustrating as I often react badly to the bites. I think a few of those sticks that you put in the ground that burn citronella candles is a good way. I must remember to buy them this summer and scatter them around the tent trailer.