Go Glamping for Log Cabin Day

It’s the end of June sometime we think, it is all a little confusing???

The Little Cabin Company manufactures cabins and are selling them to the Glamping market as well as for other uses such as a home office, therapy room and She-Shed.

We want to make sure we celebrated all the right occasions and events that relate to our new Glamping and cabin business. So off I go exploring the internet for random days of celebration, and what do I come across but “Log Cabin Day”. Perfect I think, we can surely do something to celebrate this.

So I get to designing a nice logo/image and working out how we can best leverage this event, we want to do a grand opening/ launch for the business in June so this could be perfect, however this is where I start to run into problems. There does not seem to be a consensus about when Log cabin Day should be held, the first site I find called Holiday Insights says it is June 25th and Cute Calendar agrees, but a weekend is not ideal for a launch when we want councillors and realtors etc to come, a weekday would be better. I wonder can we stretch log cabin day out for a week long celebration to fit our own needs?

Then I look up some more info about why the day was created, who suggested it and how long it has been running for, more issues, now on a few other sites I find that it is not June 25th but 26th or maybe even June 28th or 29th according to The Days of the Year that is the official day. I can’t work out who created this day of celebration or exactly why, again there are all sorts of counter arguments being presented. People are just jumping on the band wagon and making up any old day to celebrate this great event, who knew log cabins would be so popular and so contentious at the same time.

I can’t find any definitive answers out there even on the great online resource known as Google. What am I to do? I change my image to reflect that Log Cabin Day can be celebrated on any of the above dates, and also decided to do our Little Cabin Company launch on June 30th, right before Canada Day (July 1st). This was not one of the many suggested Log Cabin day dates, but to hell with it, I am starting my own, and adding to the confusion. Why not choose to celebrate and make the long weekend even longer but starting the celebrations a day early!

So here is to ‘Log Cabin Day’, whenever you may be, and here is to Canada Day and most importantly here is to the official launch of The Little Cabin Company! Raise a glass/can of beer and three cheers to us!!!