As our business develops we are seeing a wide range of enquiries from businesses and individuals who are considering tiny cabins as a revenue generator as part of a glamping business.

What is really interesting is the diversity of other uses that we are being approached about. In areas nearby such as Calgary we have been receiving enquiries from home owners who are looking for alternatives to building and extending their current property.

Our tiny cabins offer a real alternative for people who work from home and want to separate their home space from their office or studio, or just need additional guest bedroom space

A tiny house or a small cabin offers a great alternative although the size of a tiny house might actually be too large! Our cabins are under 107 sq ft, yes, they are small but perfectly formed.

The Little Cabin Company’s cabins are delivered fully assembled and can simply be set down on a basic above ground foundation which further reduces the cost and disruption of construction.

Being built to exceed current National Canadian Building code and wired ready for standard power, your cabin can be delivered, positioned and plugged in ready to use within a couple of hours. They are super insulated and require minimal heating even in the dead of winter. This also offers benefits in the summer by keeping nice and cool even in high temperatures.

If you are one of the growing number of digital nomads working from home and want a dedicated office space or if you are looking to create a great studio space then these units should be just what you are looking for.

Get in touch to create your perfect office space now!

Remember, we are currently running a 10% discount on orders received before Christmas, so if you are thinking about buying a cabin, now is the perfect time!