You might well ask yourself how you can install The Cobby. Don’t worry, it is really easy and does not take long at all.

The Little Cabin Company offers a full delivery and installation service, but if you want to handle the install yourself it is something that a local contractor could manage.

Regardless of whether you are installing a quantity of cabins at a glamping campground or a single cabin in your back yard, the process is simple.

Depending on the location and the type of ground there are a few options.

If the ground is soft, you can use 6 deck screws (these are a good solution), build a basic structure on them to provide a base for the Cobby to sit on and the cabin can be positioned directly onto that. Remember to call before you dig!

If the ground is rocky and unsuitable for deck screws, an alternative is to prepare for arrival by creating a simple above ground foundation with basic footings or decking blocks on top of a gravel base.

When your little cabin arrives it is hoisted up by a zoom boom or crane and positioned carefully on your chosen base area. For an experienced operator, this needn’t take more than a few hours providing the site has been prepared in accordance with The Little Cabin Company’s guidelines.

For more information please contact The Little Cabin Company with your questions.