The positive reception that The Little Cabin Company has received since launching in May 2016 has been quite astounding.

The feedback our tiny cabins, have got from far and wide has been very encouraging and we have been working with people from Finland to Hawaii, Australia to New York State.

Glamping is certainly on the rise and most of the clients we are have been working with are looking to create unique destinations that guests will be able to visit to relax and unwind, on short breaks or weekends away.  We are the first company focusing on supporting the glamping marketing in Western Canada and working with us puts you ahead of the curve.

It is not only glamping that has got people excited though, we are also working with home owners who are looking for additional space, perhaps for a backyard office or a therapy suite, even additional bedroom space.

Our cabins are perfect for all of these uses and because they are built to such a high level of quality, exceeding National Canadian Building Code it is very easy for people to simply order them, prepare where they are going to be located and then sit back and wait for delivery.

Whether you are a looking to start your dream glamping location to ride the growing wave and generate you a high level or return or you just need that additional space so you ca

n spread out at home a little more. The Little Cabin Company’s options and customizable cabins can be the perfect solution.

To find our more about glamping, head on over to our glamping page and download our free guide on starting a glamping business.