Tiny glamping cabins with added functionality

The functionality of small spaces is at the heart of the design of our tiny glamping cabins and it is something that we are continuing to focus on as our product range develops and grows.

Maximizing space and convenience for guests can make their stay so much more enjoyable.  Providing an opportunity to be outside as much as possible goes hand in hand with this ethos.

When guests visit your glamping site they are doing so to enjoy the natural surroundings for as long as possible, only retreating to the comfort of their bed at the end of the day.

At The Little Cabin Company we have made it easy to maximize glamping comfort outdoors (weather permitting!) at all times.

How do we do this?

Well, we start off by including a great deck option for hanging out on, having a bbq or reading a book. while the kids enjoy themselves close by.

We extend this idea by providing the option to have our “3-in-one bracket”, allowing for a sail shade to be attached quickly and easily along with a hammock to kick back in and also a clothes line for drying your smalls after giving them a quick wash!

An external plug socket means you can pour your portable speakers and have chilled music vibes at the ready while low voltage lighting that lets you see what you are doing long after nightfall.

In addition to this, our cabins have optional external storage and cooking space built in to the structure, this means that the space inside the cabin is maximized and less cluttered and you can cater for guest right on the deck while sipping your margaritas!

The lockable bike rack to the side at the cabin offers security and shelter for your faithful steed after a long day in the saddle with an extended roof that keeps your pride and joy safe after through the night.

The final finishing touch is security.  When your guests have left or you close up for the season our cabins can be locked up via the folding deck that fits into the profile of the cabin.  Simply fold up, lock up, and your cabin is safe and secure until your next guests arrive.  Simple.

These practical solutions that make our cabins the most functional available.

If you have ideas for personalizing your own cabin just let us know as we love to hear other people’s ideas!